What is IgNiTe?

Every Wednesday night from September through May (excluding a few Wednesdays) we have a youth service beginning at 6:30pm.  IgNiTe has 2 main purposes:

  1. to build faith (or to begin it!) through the teaching of the word, worship, and small group discussion, and
  2. to build community with our interactive small groups (known as FUSION Groups).

Also, IgNiTe is a great way for teens to worship God in an atmosphere that is comfortable and conducive to learning. Our mission at IgNiTe is to make disciples of Jesus Christ - to build the faith of those already following Jesus and to introduce Jesus to those who do not yet know him. In all our efforts, meetings and programs at FUEL Alliance Ministries it is our goal and desire to provide an environment of love and acceptance to everyone who attends.

Let me describe for you a typical IgNiTe service. The youth band meets around 5:00pm for setup and practice. We practice until 6:15pm. Students arrive anywhere from 6:00 to 6:30pm. We start the night off with a few announcements about upcoming events and other youth related stuff and then our IgNiTe Youth Band leads us in a time of praise with great music. After our praise time, we take up an offering that supports our World Vision child, Sandra. Then I (or a guest) will speak from 10-15 minutes (sometimes the talk is before the praise time). We then split into our FUSION discussion groups where the students can feel free to ask questions and discuss the message in a small group setting.

FUSION has 2 main purposes:

  1. to provide an environment that encourages teens to talk openly about spiritual issues which may in turn lead to them opening up in other areas of life where they may be facing problems or struggles and
  2. to build community/relationship between teens and leaders. Trust and acceptance are key elements to these groups.

Usually, a good portion of us end up at McDonald's afterwards to hang out together.

If you are Jr High, Sr High, or College & Career and are looking for a place to worship with your peers, come on out Wednesday nights and join us. We would be thrilled to have you!come and see me.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me or phone me at the number below.

Chris Nichol,

Associate Pastor