IgNiTe Talks - 2021

We began recording our sermons in video format beginning in March 2020. Play these videos by clicking on the icon. These videos are stored in our YouTube account and may also be directly accessed from there if you wish.

Messages prior to March 2020 were recorded as MP3 audio files with accompanying PDF files to display the sermon notes. Click on the speaker icon to play the sermon or the PDF icon to read the notes. If you are using a computer, the sermon notes will be displayed right below the audio player so you can follow along.

The sermons can also be listened to using an iPad, iPhone or Android but the notes will not display on them.

SeriesThe Building Blocks of Faith
05 May 2021 Mission   28:38 Rev. Chris Nichol
28 Apr 2021 Love   41:48 Rev. Chris Nichol
21 Apr 2021 The Holy Spirit   33:36 Rev. Chris Nichol
14 Apr 2021 The Cornerstone   35:12 Rev. Chris Nichol
Series2 Peter
31 Mar 2021 Never Stop Growing   35:12 Rev. Chris Nichol
24 Mar 2021 The Day of the Lord   36:21 Rev. Chris Nichol
17 Mar 2021 Scoffers   38:04 Rev. Chris Nichol
10 Mar 2021 Creatures of Instinct   42:58 Rev. Chris Nichol
03 Mar 2021 Secrets and Lies   40:45 Rev. Chris Nichol
24 Feb 2021 A Lamp in the Darkness   30:50 Rev. Chris Nichol
17 Feb 2021 Feed Your New Nature   41:12 Rev. Chris Nichol
03 Feb 2021 Everything You Need   30:24 Rev. Chris Nichol
27 Jan 2021 A Faith of Equal Standing   37:34 Rev. Chris Nichol
SeriesNew Year Old Wisdom
20 Jan 2021 Seeing Life Clearly   39:08 Rev. Chris Nichol