IgNiTe Talks - 2017

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FAQ on using the IgNiTe talks.

SeriesGod So Loved
06 Dec 2017 What to do About Gods BIG Love Pt3 - Love Others - No Audio     Rev. Chris Nichol
29 Nov 2017 What to do About Gods BIG Love Pt2 - Love Him Back - No Audio 37:21 Rev. Chris Nichol
15 Nov 2017 What to do About Gods BIG Love Pt 1 - Believe, Know, Accept - No Audio     Rev. Chris Nichol
01 Nov 2017 If God Loves So Much What About? - No Audio     Rev. Chris Nichol
25 Oct 2017 I Am Like Him - No Audio     Rev. Chris Nichol
18 Oct 2017 I Am His Child - No Audio     Rev. Chris Nichol
04 Oct 2017 I am Known 37:20 Rev. Chris Nichol
27 Sep 2017 Jesus Loves Me This I Know 41:59 Rev. Chris Nichol
SeriesNot Your Average Sunday School Story
03 May 2017 Don't be a Bystander 42:58 Rev. Chris Nichol
19 Apr 2017 God's Word Stands Firm N/A 45:17 Rev. Chris Nichol
SeriesRelationships that Honor God
29 Mar 2017 Dating - Boys 1:08:51 Rev. Chris Nichol
29 Mar 2017 Dating - Girls 1:08:51 Rev. Chris Nichol
15 Mar 2017 Beware the Bait - no audio   N/A Rev. Chris Nichol
08 Mar 2017 Jesus Completes Us 41:03 Rev. Chris Nichol
01 Mar 2017 Sex: Dirty, God or Gift? 38:53 Rev. Chris Nichol
SeriesIdentity Crisis
15 Feb 2017 Faith - Fact - Feeling 29:10 Rev. Chris Nichol
08 Feb 2017 Body, Soul and Spirit   33:44 Mr. Ian Chiu
17 Jan 2017 Image - Rightnow Media video - notes only    
25 Jan 2017 Labels 30:14 Rev. Chris Nichol
01 Feb 2017 The Father's Embrace 28:38 Rev. Chris Nichol